22 tools to build a more resilient, productive and creative workforce

Content based on delivery of the face to face program to over 2000 people

Our programs are results-oriented and give participants simple and effective tools to reduce the mental interference that stops them performing at their best.

By removing the ‘noise’, the sometimes incessant chatter of the inner critic, participants can do what they’ve been trained to do, whatever their field, with heightened focus, productivity and resilience.

The tools are drawn from 3 sources, western science, elite athletes, and eastern practices. They are very simple and combine body, mind and breath, giving participants an understanding of what’s going on physiologically when they’re faced with high pressure situations or longterm stress. They develop the capability to respond to what life presents, rather than react and resort to old patterns.

Science-based, the suite of tools are integrated into participants’ daily routines and provide the ability to move intuitively between desired states of mind.

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