The State of Mind Capability Program

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Designed for either Leadership Teams who want to lift their collective ambition and performance, or individuals wanting to build their own customised toolkit to lift their game, the State of Mind Capability program gives you practical, science-based tools to make you more resilient, focused and productive. Offered in both face-to-face and online formats, by popular demand, this program will give you a stronger, more resilient State of Mind.

The State of Mind Capability program can be held for teams as an offsite in a covid-safe, beautiful location (I have a number I use) allowing participants to step outside their home/office, thereby disrupting the status quo and letting them reboot their mindset with a fresh, exterior perspective. Alternatively, hundreds of people have been through the online version of the program, which was commissioned in 2018 by existing clients who wanted a cost-effective way to give regional staff the resilience, productivity and creativity their local staff had gained through face-to-face programs. Good for teams or individuals, the online program is being used by clients with staff numbers ranging from 50 to 10,000.

State of Mind Capability Program PDF

“Sam has a warm and spacious style of facilitation and she skilfully leads the group through this important and impactful work”. 

Associate Professor Janet Smith

Canberra University

"State of Mind is by far some of the best training I have received in terms of working with Neuroplasticity and focusing techniques. Samantha has a knack for explaining complicated processes practically and straightforwardly.

I continue to refresh the learning by watching the videos regularly. I highly recommend the training to Staff and Managers."

Warren Draney

Salvation Army


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