Lift Your Mental Game

focused woman in motor sport vehicle
A bespoke service for both athletes, who want to lift their mental game while covid keeps them out of physical competition, and everyday people struggling with the stress and anxiety of the current situation.

After an interview with you, I create a personalised guided audio that helps you get the most from the power of your subconscious mind, using your words, your goals and your favourite music. Also good for anyone healing from a physical injury.

I’ve been creating these audios for years, since the 2014 Rabbitohs engagement, either to help professional athletes overcome a recurring limiting belief about themselves or to help them refocus after a particularly bad performance patch. I’ve also used them with Aussie Rules players and regular citizens (ie non athletes) who were recovering from an injury and wanted to either expedite that recovery or feel less anxious about the injury. Preparing the mind to be ready for action once the physical body has repaired itself, is half the battle in coming back from an injury, in addition to the effectiveness of harnessing the subconscious mind to see the body repairing itself, giving the player faith in their body’s capacity to completely heal.

Price: $450 + GST


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