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Mind: think about what you’re thinking about

Make a donation (going to Voices of Bradfield) and take my online Resilience course (normally $330, details here).



Meditate - choose from my suite of guided meditations and relaxations

While not for everyone, you may enjoy some of these guided meditations that require less experience and less focus to drop into a theta / delta state.


Mirth: laugh your head off

Find your favourite comedian or movie that makes you laugh and give it your complete attention for an hour.

Here are 2 of my favourites and I have to say, Bee Movie has always made me laugh, along with other kids movies like Madagascar that are sweet, innocent and just plain funny.



Move: your butt

Crank up this playlist of favourites I’ve made here and get everyone in your household dancing. Or make your own playlist with songs everyone in the house likes.


Meaning: engage in something that has a bigger, higher purpose

Who needs a hand that you can give some time/attention to, something that you feel is valuable and worthwhile, that might improve things for future generations for example? There are plenty of organisations, here’s one.